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Making Life Easier.

The people at GE Appliances have made it their business to understand the realities of being you. They know you are busy. They know you want to eat nutritious meals. They know you juggle many things throughout your day. They make it a point to design kitchen appliances for you – the real you.

GE Appliances design and make appliances that work in your service. By understanding exactly what you need — and exactly what you don’t. With features and design borne from real life. Because when they build world-class refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers, and dryers, they create good things for life.


GE Kitchen Appliances - Range

GE kitchen appliances incorporate smart home technology and cutting-edge features into every appliance. The objective is to make daily life simpler and ensure your cooking experience gets better over time.

Here are some examples of GE Appliance Technology.

Download Updates

Ensure your oven always has the latest features, like new Air Fry modes, with downloadable software upgrades. Built-In WiFi, powered by SmartHQ App Connect, enables you to control and manage your oven from anywhere with your smartphone.

In-Oven CookCam™

Check the status of your in-oven meal from anywhere without opening the oven door with live streaming video of your food on your smartphone.

Precision Cooking Modes

This advanced technology level helps achieve excellent results with automatic adjustments to oven temperatures and cook times.

No Preheat Requirements

Save time with a variety of precision cooking modes that eliminate the need for preheating.

These are just a few of the advanced features available on GE Ovens. There are many more.

Other kitchen appliances have other options that make your life easier. GE always looks for ways to make your daily life simpler and ensure your cooking experience gets better over time.


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