Induction cooking technology is available now, and we are all for it! Chef Coleman from Wolf’s Kitchen shows how quick and easy it is to cook with induction. The instantaneous temperature response, minimal wasted heat, and full range of control excite us. After reading this post and watching the video, you may be inspired to create a masterful meal with induction cooking!

Induction Cooking Technology

Popular in Europe for years, induction cooking is catching on in America. The control and efficiency of induction cooking are impressive. But electromagnetism – what is it? Who understands how it works? While preparing a pork chop dinner, Wolf’s Chef Coleman shows you how easy it is to cook with an induction heating cooktop and demonstrates its unique benefits.

For example, some of the advantages of induction heating are:

  • Almost instantaneous temperature response
  • Practically no wasted heat
  • A superior level of control when compared to other methods

How does induction cooking technology work?

While an induction cooktop may look like a traditional electric cooktop, how it generates heat to cook food is entirely different. So how does an induction cooktop work differently?

An electric coil under the cooktop creates electromagnetic energy.

This magnetic energy interacts directly with induction-compatible cookware to make it hot.

Because induction skips the step of heating the cooktop, it is a fast, uniform, and temperature-accurate cooking method. Moreover, induction cooktops from Wolf cool down quickly after you remove your pan.

Wolf Induction Cooking Technology

Benefits Of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has many advantages, and we present them. 


Induction cooking allows for fast cooking because the energy transfers directly to the cookware, so little to no heat or energy is lost between the cooking surface and your food. This means you can boil water or sear food quickly. 


Heat adjustments on an induction cooktop or range happen instantly, so you can heat or cool down your pot or pan quickly. 


There are generally no safety concerns with induction cooking. Induction cooktops only heat up when cookware is on the surface, so there is no danger of accidentally burning yourself on a hot burner. Additionally, the surface itself doesn’t get hot, so there is less risk of accidental burns or fires.

Note that it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use caution when cooking with any appliance.

Special Induction Cookware

You will need special cookware with a magnetic bottom to cook using induction as a heating method. The cookware needs to be made from a ferromagnetic material such as cast iron or stainless steel.

Aluminum or copper cookware will not work with induction cooking technology unless they have a layer of magnetic material on the bottom.

Induction Cookware

Induction versus Electric Cooktops

While electric and induction cooktops may look the same, they transfer heat differently. Electric cooktops radiate heat from resistive coils beneath the cooking surface through to the bottom of the cookware sitting on top. Induction cooktops transfer energy to create heat directly within a pot or pan. This makes an inductive cook method significantly more efficient.

We all want to move towards more efficient use of energy!

From Wolf Kitchens – Chef Coleman

In the video, Chef Coleman will sear and cook pork chops, He will demonstrate how to reduce a pan sauce. Last of all, he will melt chocolate without scorching it. Induction cooking is an amazing technology and Wolf induction cooking is wonderful!

In Summary

Induction cooking is highly efficient because it uses electromagnetic energy to heat up the cookware directly. This contrasts with an electric system that must first heat up a resistive coil, transfer the heat to the cooking surface and then transfer the heat at the cooking surface to the pot or pan. A gas system has similar built-in inefficiencies.

This means that induction cooking is faster, safer, and more energy efficient than other cooking methods. Additionally, induction cooking surfaces are easier to clean because they don’t have any grates or burners to remove.

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