Kitchen Design 101

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We love nothing more than collaborating with a client to craft a kitchen space that truly tells their story and works perfectly in their home. All spaces in a home should be customized and the kitchen is an extra-special space. Create your own color palette, use accessories that reflect your personality, and design in high-tech appliances that will make you better and your time in your new kitchen more enjoyable.

The step-by-step process flow below will help you establish the basic objectives you want to achieve. These basic objectives can then be refined and enhanced by working with a kitchen design expert.

Establishing a budget is an important first step. You want to be realistic and being realistic means working within a realistic budget. You want your ideas for your new kitchen to become a reality and therefore defining a proper budget is essential to this process.

The kitchen and the devices that support kitchen functions are always evolving. It is important to educate yourself in the research stage of your kitchen design project so you can properly incorporate innovative functions and elements into your plans.

Read magazines, and visit kitchen design blogs. Perhaps even visit a few kitchen design showrooms to gather ideas. Talk with other people.

Be fluent and creative with your design ideas and establish the functionality you desire. You do not have to go with the norm and stereotypical kitchen design ideas. Read more, learn more, and explore more. Pinterest and Instagram are places to gain inspiration.

Once you have done some research and collected some ideas it is time to make an appointment with one or two kitchen designers at a place that specializes in kitchen design.

Establish A Budget


Brainstorm with Others

Establish Functionality

List Accessories and Special Features

Meet with A Kitchen Designer

The kitchen is really the heart of the home and there are four things that are very important.

  • First, you need beautiful appliances.
  • Second, countertops should have timeless finishes and marble, quartzite, or porcelain are excellent choices.
  • Third, your kitchen cabinets are very important. The right cabinets can improve the organization and functionality of your kitchen and complete the look. 
  • Fourth, make sure you create some contrast. Contrast can be done with your color palette or by choosing different types of countertops.

Be creative. Create something eclectic. Explore design ideas with a professional kitchen designer. A professional designer will know the details of appliances, countertops, cabinetry, and flooring. Your kitchen designer will also help with ideas to create some contrast and to personalize the look just for you.

Use the link below to gain some insights into eclectic kitchen design ideas.