Waterfall Kitchen Island - A lovely addition to any kitchen.

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A fascinating and beautiful trend in kitchen design is the waterfall island. However, it is not entirely new.

The waterfall island has been used increasingly in kitchen design in the last decade. Let’s explain what we mean by a waterfall island. A waterfall island design continues the countertop material down one or both sides of the island. It is undoubtedly an attention-grabber for your kitchen.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

Of course, your budget will have to accommodate more material as the top of the island, and the sides will also have the countertop material. Therefore, the waterfall kitchen island design is usually used in high-end kitchens, not for a kitchen design on a tighter budget. The countertops are generally granite, quartz, or marble. However, some are wood, such as a butcher block or even stainless steel.

Kitchen Design - Waterfall Kitchen Island

Your budget must allow for perhaps twice as much countertop material compared to a top-only kitchen island design. If you can plan your budget for a waterfall kitchen island, you will not be disappointed.

Note that the installation may cost more as the waterfall look is created by ensuring the side pieces continue any pattern, veining, or grain down the sides. This provides a flowing look (hence waterfall) at the island countertop edge and down the sides of the island. The joints are also precisely mitered, which takes a bit of skill when working in stone such as granite or quartz. Be sure to work with a crew experienced in selection, cutting, and installing. The team at Delmarva Design Center are expert at stone cutting and installation.

Besides being decorative and a great focal point for your kitchen, a waterfall island means that the strong countertop material will protect the corners of your island. It is usually the corners of your cabinets and island that can get scuffed or scraped. The corners and edges of a waterfall kitchen island will not get scuffed or scratched. They are also easier to keep clean than standard islands. The corners and smooth, sleek, and durable.

Kitchen Design Creativity - Waterfall Kitchen Island

We also like the variation in design creativity; this type of island provides. Consider having a natural wood butcher block island in contrast to white cabinetry or a stainless steel island to contrast with the granite countertops in the rest of the kitchen. The same material can also be used elsewhere, such as for a wine cabinet in the dining room or pantry.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

Installation costs depend on the material chosen for the countertop. Your kitchen designer will be able to help you select a material and then will define the cost of materials and installation cost for you. It is best to use an installer with experience with waterfall islands, as mitering the edges and installing the slabs takes a particular skill.

Also, you’ll need to be aware that some materials need to be avoided, such as quartzite, as these materials may be too brittle to miter. Again, your designer will be able to provide advice.

Waterfall Kitchen Island - A lovely addition to any kitchen.


Whether a waterfall island will be a lovely addition to any kitchen.

Work with your kitchen designer to see how a waterfall island could be part of your new kitchen. When you leave your home, it will certainly add to the appeal and resale value. It’s also the kind of upgrade unlikely to fade in popularity over time, as it does not appear to be a new fad that may fade quickly. Instead, it is a beautiful way to accent the island countertop material.

The waterfall island design can also be applied whether you are going for a modern, sleek look or a more rustic one. There is a material that will make the perfect waterfall island to fit into your kitchen look.

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