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Sub-Zero has been a pioneer in the art and science of food preservation since 1945.

All Sub-Zero refrigerators are built-in or professionally installed for a precise, custom fit within surrounding cabinetry in your home. With both stainless steel and panel-ready finishes available, along with nearly limitless configurations, Sub-Zero offers true design flexibility to complement, anchor, or disappear into your décor.

Sub Zero Kitchen Appliances

Innovative Design

Sub-Zero was the first appliance manufacturer to design and create a refrigerator that is the depth of your counter. These are shallower than standard refrigerators. They are designed so they don’t stick out a distance into your kitchen the way normal fridges do. This sort of innovative thinking is a hallmark of the Sub Zero company.

Sub Zero is the leading manufacturer of integrated refrigeration units. With a Sub Zero refrigerator, you can replace the normal fridge door with panels matching your kitchen cabinets. When it is closed, you cannot tell it is there. It looks just like your kitchen cabinetry. If this sort of integrated look is something you desire, then Sub-Zero is a good choice.

Dual Compressors

This was unique to Sub-Zero refrigerators until recently, but as the innovator of the technology, Sub-Zero’s designs are arguably better. Most refrigerators have a single compressor for the fridge and freezer portions of the appliance. The problem with this is that the moist air in the fridge mingles with the dry air in the freezer. This can lead to frost problems. It also tends to migrate strong smells from the refrigerator into the freezer, which can taint your ice and other items.

Having two compressors, one for the fridge and a second for the freezer, is much better. With that design, no air is exchanged between the refrigerator and the freezer. Again, another notable innovation from Sub Zero.

Integrated Air Purification

Sub-Zero refrigerators include air purifiers that cleanse the air of mold spores, germs, viruses, and the smells given off by the food in your refrigerator. This helps keep food fresher longer and prevents one food from affecting the taste of another.

Active Vacuum Seal

Unlike standard refrigerators, Sub-Zero fridges employ an active vacuum seal to prevent outside air from entering the fridge interior. This works in concert with the air purifiers to extend the life of your food.

Thoroughly Tested

Sub-Zero thoroughly tests every unit before it’s shipped. This guarantees that your appliance is built well and functions properly, every time.

So Are They Worth It?

Sub-Zero is undoubtedly one of the best refrigerators you can have in your kitchen. If this is your dream kitchen, then a Sub Zero refrigerator is an excellent choice. Moreover, because of Sub-Zero’s quality and name recognition, the appliances help to increase resale value. Should you ever sell your home being able to advertise a Sub-Zero fridge could help bring in buyers.

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