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Showplace is one of the top cabinet makers in the United States. However, before we get into some of the specific reasons to use Showplace Cabinets in your new kitchen let’s review some of the factors you may need to consider. These factors need to be examined for a proper decision on your kitchen cabinetry.

Full Custom, Semi-Custom, or Stock

With full customization of your kitchen cabinets, you can get exactly what you desire and the options may seem limitless. The downside of this approach is the cost. If your budget is not a consideration, then fully custom cabinets are your best path.

Semi-custom cabinets are a wonderful option. The cost will be much lower than fully custom. This approach uses stock inset door style and colors and a kitchen designer can work with you to get them to fit perfectly into your kitchen space. The options available for semi-custom cabinets are amazing and well worth your time to research.

Stock cabinets are a good option if your budget is tight and are offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes. For simple kitchens, this may be a high-value option.


It is always a good idea to think about ways of maximizing the space in your kitchen cabinetry. Kitchen drawers are becoming very popular in contemporary designs as they improve organization and allow you to store more things in a stacked vertical manner.

Moreover, drawers are very practical for things like utensils, and cooking tools (basters, spatulas, a thermometer). We have designed kitchens with nothing but drawers on the lower level.

Drawers are very nice for organizational reasons but more expensive than cabinets with shelving.

General Cabinet Style

Cabinet styles selection is based on your personal taste. Your kitchen cabinets are a significant component of your kitchen’s aesthetic, and they can create the perfect look and feel if done correctly.

It is very important that the style of your cabinets mesh with the décor of your home.

Modern vs. Traditional vs. Transitional

Modern cabinets are the way to go for many people. If you are doing a remodeling because you intend to sell your home, then a modern style will help with the selling process.

Traditional designs have stood the test of time and a large portion of the population will favor a traditional cabinet design. Therefore, whether you intend to stay in your home or sell it if you like the traditional style, it will work either way.

Transitional kitchens cabinets adopt elements of old and new, marrying them together for a unique look.

Your Color Pallet

Your color pallet needs to be cohesive. Your color palette brings all the hues together to make the space feel just right, comfortable, spacious, and stylish. For example, a kitchen that is all one color could be quite boring and may lack depth and style.

Style counts!

Imagine these color combinations

A light beige floor and taupe walls: Consider matte black cabinet doors. The matte black cabinet doors will add an accent of darkness that may be needed to break up all the lighter colors.

Solid wood flooring with light blue walls: Some off-white wood cabinets with black fittings may be perfect as a focal feature of the room.

Take the opportunity to be creative and use your color pallet to make everything mesh together.

Showplace Kitchen Cabinets

Your space and style are unique. Find the Showplace Cabinets that complement both at the Delmarva Design Center.

Three Excellent Reasons to Design Your Kitchen with Showplace Cabinets

OK. Now that we have reviewed some of the basics about what you need to consider for your cabinets it is now time to review three solid reasons to design with Showplace Cabinets.


Showplace Cabinetry manufactures fine cabinetry for the home, with a unique combination of value and selection, backed by the assurance of a limited lifetime warranty. Every cabinet is made-to-order to fit the individual homeowner’s specific style and space requirements.

Showplace offers semi-custom cabinetry for kitchens and baths or any room of your home. 

Their excellent selection makes them a great choice no matter what style, color, or cost you desire for the kitchen you want to design.


Cabinet Structure

Loading cabinet shelving with 15 pounds per square foot, gradually loading mounted cabinets to 600 pounds and dropping a three-pound weight at six inches above the cabinet bottom to evaluate the overall strength and durability.

Drawer Operation

Cycling drawers 25,000 times fully-loaded with 15 pounds per square foot, representing roughly 20 years of regular use.

Door Operation

Opening and closing cabinet doors 25,000 times and testing their ability to withstand 65 pounds of hanging weight.

Cabinetry Finish

Exposing cabinets to stain threats like vinegar, grape juice, coffee, alcohol, and even mustard for varying amounts of time to ensure any discoloration can be easily cleaned without any lasting damage.


Placing cabinets in a humid heat box for 24 hours at 120-degrees to ensure no finish blistering or discoloration.

Skip the worry when deciding which cabinets to purchase. Choose KCMA-certified cabinets – and know you’ve made a smart investment.

When you select KCMA-certified cabinets for your kitchen or bath cabinets, rest assured because the certification means that the homework on durability and longevity has been done for you. Your cabinets have been designed and manufactured to pass the toughest tests of durability and performance in the marketplace today and have earned the prestigious KCMA A161.1 Quality Certification Seal.


Showplace is 100% employee-owned, and every Showplace cabinet is proudly American made. 

It all began with an idea: Create a cabinetry brand that makes sense. A small group of experienced cabinetry professionals gathered in 1999. This group shared a vision for a brand that offered the most-wanted features to the most people. 

The founding team’s original vision laid the path, but it’s the people of Showplace who walk the walk. Showplace is located in South Dakota. The people of Showplace work hard and care about what they do.

From top management to customer service to the workers on the line, they are proud of the brand they have created and they are personally invested in the products they ship to customers.

For the employee-owners of Showplace Cabinetry, it’s all a labor of love.

Visit the Delmarva Design Center at 38507 Dupont Boulevard in Selbyville, Deleware, to talk with one of our kitchen designers to learn about the latest trends, styles, and technology.

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