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Chef-Quality Wolf Ranges and Ovens

Do you think that the quality of your range or oven can have an impact on your cooking? When designing your kitchen, keep in mind that the selection of the appliances can be great fun and also time-consuming. You will want to do some homework, and this should involve visiting a showroom to see and learn first-hand.

The best appliances are the ones that are best for you. They need to fit your needs. Think about how you cook, what you cook, and how often you cook. Then research appliances that meet your requirements.

To research Wolf kitchen appliances is an excellent place to start.

Wolf Ranges and Ovens

Wolf ranges comes in three series:

  • All Gas
  • Dual Fuel
  • Induction

There are some minor differences among them, but all come with the Wolf signature red knobs.

Wolf pro ranges offer precise control over the cooking process thanks to versatile burners that offer high levels of BTUs in addition to their low-simmering counterparts (built into the same burner element). Another benefit of using professional ranges at home is that you have the flexibility to design the stovetop the way you want based on your cooking style and how you prepare your best-loved recipes. One Wolf model is particularly customizable with eight burners that can be configured with a griddle, grill, or the popular French Top surface option.

The Wolf 48” gas range models feature two ovens, one with an 18” width and another with 30” width. The 18” oven is a standard radiant oven rather than convection. The 60″ Wolf Ranges feature two full-size, full-featured ovens.

Wolf ranges come in electric, gas, or dual-fuel options. Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges feature an electric oven that offers self-clean and a variety of roasting, cooking, dehydrating, and baking options. Wolf boasts a heritage steeped in heavy professional kitchen use and was one of the first to refine dual convection baking.

In Summary

With a history of performance in high-demand commercial kitchens, Wolf’s patented stove burners are renowned for their power and well-respected for the control they bring to cooking. Wolf ranges offer a 9,200 BTU burner and options of 15,000 to 20,000 BTU burners. But how the burner is designed makes a difference. Heat distribution is controlled by two levels of flame and their proximity to the pan. From delicate simmer to high heat sear, Wolf’s sealed burner system proves to be precise, reliable, and easy to clean.

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