Best Range Hoods
Best Range Hoods

Performance That Inspires


Performance That Inspires

Performance is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s the room’s centerpiece or letting its surroundings shine, BEST is where high-end performance inspires.

Best Kitchen Range Hoods

This video is an overview of the wonderful design features for the BEST range hood ventilation systems. They are truly BEST!

Designing a dream kitchen doesn’t have to include compromises. With the groundbreaking new downdraft from BEST, you can design confidently, knowing it will pair with a broad range of cooktop appliances—aesthetically and mechanically—in virtually any installation configuration.

With a BEST downdraft system, powerful ventilation can be hidden out of sight. A downdraft range hood hides inside the cabinetry behind the range, eliminating the need for an overhead vent. These hoods are concealed with the touch of a button keeping your kitchen’s open concept and beautiful sightlines.

IQ Blower System – Quiet Power

Quiet power is a beautiful thing. With the IQ blower system, BEST Range Hoods remove smoke and odors up to 2 times quieter and up to 30% faster.

Performance is a form of beauty, one that may be subtle or bold. BEST draws on these truths building quality range hoods that are virtually noiseless even at maximum power. Let your imagination soar; bring inspiration to life discovering the BEST Range Hoods Line up.

Easy Technology

You should not have to compromise performance or design due to local airflow regulations. BEST’s makes meeting all local regulations easy. BEST has an industry-leading online tool that equips professionals with the right solution to codes and regulation requirements.

This enables the installer to set the maximum blower speed to achieve the right level of performance, offering another solution to address local codes or make-up air requirements.

Stop by the Delmarva Design Center to learn more about all the excellent design options for your new kitchen.

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