Porcelain Repair – The Japanese Art of Kinstugi

Japanese art of Kintsugi

We cannot help to comment on the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi. The practice of Kintsugi, meaning “to join with gold,” is a reminder to stay optimistic when things crack or chip. We can celebrate the flaws and missteps of life rather than bemoan them. Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese philosophy that helps us accept our imperfections or accept when something goes awry.

If one of your porcelain tiles were to crack, you could repair it with this technique, and the result would be extra special. Your countertop would be fragile yet resilient and even more beautiful and engaging. Plus, it would be different, and you would have a story to tell. Imperfections make things more interesting.

In a world that often prizes youth, perfection and excess, embracing the old and battered may seem strange. But the 15th-Century practice of kintsugi, meaning “to join with gold”, is a reminder to stay optimistic when things fall apart and to celebrate the flaws and missteps of life

Kinstugi Ceramic Tile Repair Pattern

Kinstugi is an art form practiced in Japan for over 500 years. It is a philosophy. It makes you realize that you can transform something that is broken (a tea cup or ceramic tile for example) — something you might otherwise throw away into something beautiful, more interesting, and useful again.